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Jason McCue

Senior Partner of McCue Jury & Partners LLP

Internationally acknowledged as a leading expert within several legal sectors: litigation, human rights, counterterrorism, conflict resolution, transitional justice, international criminal law, reputation management, and victim class action litigation.

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On the first of November, the English courts launched a campaign of ordinary Ukrainians against Prigozhin and his Wagner Group. Mr. McCue, would you please give a few words about the start of this campaign? With whom do you cooperate in Ukraine?

So, the reason why this came about is because we've spent three decades working against terrorist organizations and rogue regimes around the world that have harmed victims all around the globe. We've worked out how to bring mass litigation actions in the civil court against the bad guys, for the good guys, to take the bad guys assets and money off them to give to the good guys. 
And when this war broke out, we reached out to your government, and we said, “Look, we know how to do this; there are experts all over the world who we know. We’ll all join together and will work for Ukraine to give the Ukrainian people an avenue to be able to pursue mass claims for compensation reparations against the Russian war machine that has caused harm to your country.” 
We felt that the first action to get the program together — which is supported by the Ukrainian government — the first action should be against Wagner. And it should be against Wagner because what they have done is beyond civilization. They've committed terrorism, war crimes, human rights breaches, crimes against humanity, etc., etc. And they've not just done it in Ukraine. They have done this in Mali, in CAR, in Sudan. And now they're at the gates of Europe, committing these acts in Ukraine. And we felt it was very symbolic for the Ukrainian victims to bring that first case against these people because of the nature of them. So we have started that process, and that will progress now into the courts in the near future. The thing I want to point out to you and your listeners is that Bob McKay's in the UK is the first one. There are many other cases in this program which we’re working with your government to bring in America throughout Europe, Israel, Canada. Add all these cases together that have been planned by different legal experts in different parts of the world — you end up with a recovery value for ordinary Ukrainian people of 200 billion dollars. Now, it seems to me that the goal of this program is worth fighting for. It's part of the Ukrainian fight for justice, right?

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