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Integrity Wins!

48% of citizens consider the expunging of corruption to be one of Ukraine's main goals over the next 10 years. In fact, every fourth Ukrainian has personally encountered some form of corruption, most commonly in the spheres of healthcare and education.

 56% of citizens have faced corruption in healthcare, and 38% in higher and secondary education.

Therefore, you should be aware of how to handle difficult situations, such as, for example, when someone asks for a bribe for an exam or monetary compensation for free medical services). We must be prepared to react instantly and act correctly.

Integrity should be the defining feature of our new Ukraine, as well as our daily choice. Only with consolidated efforts, we will succeed in building a society and a state that yields a happy life for our future generations.


Russia’s full-scale war has made this need even more acute, as we Ukrainians are fiercely defending our land and freedom.

To be a person of integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Treat your mother with sweets, not the doctor. If you break traffic rules, pay the fine officially. Once you get into university, pass the exams honestly.

Create a country where you want to live, love, and work honestly.

Integrity is crucial for growing trust in each other. We should actively volunteer in our local communities, engage in the activities of civil society and non-governmental organizations, and defeat corruption in our everyday life.

The Integrity Manifesto


I believe in a strong and independent Ukraine.


A prosperous future is more important than immediate, but dishonest benefits.


Every day, I choose my country and my happy life here.


I know that I can change a lot in my country, and I take on this responsibility.


It depends exclusively on me whether to live honestly.


I make mistakes, but I also make conclusions — I learn daily how to become better tomorrow.


I am not ashamed to ask for help to make my life better.


I know how to react, resist, and defeat petty corruption.


I believe that corruption is unacceptable, regardless of who offers or demands a bribe, be they an ordinary citizen or a top official.


I am sure I am doing the right thing, I will uphold integrity ethics, and I know that my fellow Ukrainians will always support me.

Tell about your decision to be a person of integrity - click on the button to share the Integrity Manifesto in Facebook.

The NAPC Integrity Office in cooperation with the USAID/ENGAGE is running an awareness-raising campaign ”Integrity Wins”, which encourages Ukrainians to abandon petty corruption in favor of honest alternatives.

The Office’s mission is to launch educational initiatives to spread integrity. The team is engaged in education and cooperation with partners in corruption prevention, actively working to make integrity the new norm.

The “Integrity Wins” campaign is being implemented as part of the USAID/ENGAGE program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Pact.


The campaign content is the sole responsibility of Pact and its partners, and does not necessarily represent the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or the US government’s views.

To better understand the basics of anti-corruption and integrity, we suggest taking online courses at:

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The material has been prepared as part of the media support of the awareness-raising campaign ”Integrity Wins”.

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